Jaipur: Groundwater table in every fifth well (20%) in the statemhas gone below the alarming level of 40 metres, making it largely unfit for drinking. The water below 40 metres contains sulphur, chlorine and fluoride more than the permissible limit, posing health hazards when consumed constantly.
… Calling for the immediate action on wells with low water table, RK Goyal, principal scientist (Hydrology), Central Arid Zone Research Institute (CAZRI) said, “A deeper groundwater table comes with geogenic salts like fluoride, nitrate, calcium, magnesium and in some places, uranium as well. Its consumption is not clinically good for the human body,” said Goyal.

… villages like Makhan-Ka-Par, Ammi-Ka-Par, Rohidi and Bechawad where high fluoride content in drinking water has caused health problems in every household…