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Water in 53 villages of Nanded found contaminated: survey

Source: UNI (United News of India) | November 11th, 2018
Location: India

The water fro 53 villages in the district is found to be contaminated with fluoride rendering it poisonous for the consumption by the people who are already grappling with acute water shortage, revealed a survey.

As per the survey conducted by the Underground Water Survey and Development Agency, water from the 53 villages in the district was contaminated by fluoride.

As at present there is no alternative source of potable water available, the 53 villages with contaminated water are suffering from a problem of acute water shortage.

The tehsil-wise number of villages affected by contaminated water is Kandhar-13, Umri-12, Naigaon-10, Hadgaon and Kinwat-6 each, Nanded-2, Degloor, Bhokar, Mukhed and Ardhapur-1 each.

The report attributed the fluoride contamination to unrestricted water seeping from the underground water table.

*See original article online at http://www.uniindia.com/water-in-53-villages-of-nanded-found-contaminated-survey/west/news/1402531.html