A Campaigner fighting the introduction of fluoride to water supplies says he will risk prosecution to protect his human rights. Ray Oldacre, of Kingsley Road, Stafford, claims that the introduction of fluoride would contravene his human rights and has told Severn Trent Water that he will refuse to pay his water bill should fluoride be introduced to Stafford’s water supply.

He said: “It is not just me. A number of us involved in the Protect Out Water (POW) campaign have written to Severn Trent telling them we will protect our health and human rights by buying non-fluoridated water or installing reverse osmosis filters to our supply.

“In order to pay for this, we will deduct the extra cost from our water bills.” Severn Trent has told Mr Oldacre that he will be prosecuted if he refuses to pay his water bill.

The company said it was the responsibility of individual health authorities to decide whether to add fluoride to water supplies. The company also confirmed that customers would be taken to court if they refused to pay their bills.

A spokesman for Severn Trent Water said: “The Water Bill was amended in November last year, making it possible for health authorities to dictate whether fluoride is put into the water.

“As a water company, we are legally obliged to do what the health authorities say, although they do have to carry our local consultations before any changes can be made.

“Everyone who receives a water supply has a legal requirement to pay the water company’s charges. Fluoridisation of the water supply is not a legitimate reason for refusing to pay, and something that would proceed through the courts. People are legally required to pay for the service.” A spokesperson for Staffordshire and Shropshire Strategic Health Authority said: “We have no plans to introduce fluoride to the water supply in Stafford at the moment.Any future proposals regarding the introduction of fluoride would be subject to an extensive public consultation.”