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Water supplies to be fluoridated in Braidwood, Bungendore and Captains Flat

Source: Braidwood Times | March 7th, 2008
Location: Australia

Palerang Council resolved last week to fluoridate the water supplies for Braidwood, Bungendore and Captains Flat.

Results from the Council survey showed that over 70% of the respondents were in favour of fluoridation.

The Council meeting was addressed by Dr Peake, a dentist of 41 years experience, on the benefits of fluoride. There were also several speakers against.

One speaker, a scientist resident in Bungendore, spoke for fluoridation and warned against the dangers of researching such matters on the internet, saying that “you can always find the information you want” but that it was a “minefield.”

Cr Horan spoke against fluoridation saying that it was taking away freedom of choice, and Cr Moore agreed warning that “fluoridation is not a substitute for trips to the dentist.”

Since 2004, 20 rural councils in NSW have chosen to fluoridate their water supplies. The capital works, which would be funded by NSW Health, are estimated at $350,000, with ongoing costs to Council estimated at $35,000pa.