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Waterloo to work with region on fluoride issue

Source: 570 News - All News Radio | September 29th, 2009
Location: Canada, Ontario

The hot button issue of water fluoridation was on the agenda at Waterloo City Council last night.

Council has decided to begin working with the region earlier than planned on a public education campaign, but it’s not soon enough for one councillor.

With a vote on the issue to be held in the 2010 municipal election, councillor Angela Vieth wanted council to commit to public education sessions right away, saying that other communities have spent months of debate and education on the issue. Instead, council decided to start working with the region on a campaign in January.

Vieth is against water fluoridation and says the majority of residents she’s talked to agree. Waterloo has had fluoridated water since 1967 and this will be the city’s fourth public vote on the issue. In order for the vote to be binding there needs to be a voter turn out of more than 50 percent, something Vieth does not expect will happen.