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Watsonville: God may know how much fluoride you’re getting, but our government sure doesn’t

Source: Register-Parjaronian | Nick Bulaich is a Watsonville resident and the author of Measure S, which banned fluoride from being added to Watsonville’s water supply.
Posted on January 21st, 2011

How much fluoride have you had today? The answer is: you have absolutely no idea how much fluoride you swallowed today. The reason why you have no idea is because the fluoridation of our drinking water throughout our country has contaminated our entire food chain.

If you buy a soft drink or any other beverage made with fluoridated water, you are consuming extra fluoride. If you eat any food item that used fluoridated water during the processing of the food, you are consuming extra fluoride. You are ingesting all of this extra fluoride whether you want it or not because almost none of the food supply has any labeling that states the product is made or processed with fluoridated water, thus we have no idea how much fluoride is in the foods or drinks we consume every day.

Our federal government is now suggesting a need to lower the levels of fluoride that are injected into our water supplies. The government’s stated reason for such an action is because the public is consuming an excessive amount of fluoride. By the government’s own figures, more than 40 percent of the children in this country are experiencing some form of dental fluorosis, which is a permanent scarring of children’s teeth caused by the excessive consumption of fluoride. If the excessive fluoride is scarring children’s teeth, what is it doing to the rest of their bodies? What is it doing to adult bodies after a lifetime of consuming the toxic fluoride junk?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wants us to believe that the epidemic number of children with dental fluorosis is coming mainly from children swallowing fluoridated toothpaste. Fluoridated toothpaste has been widely used for decades, so it is practically impossible to believe that children only recently started to swallow their toothpaste to cause a dramatic increase of fluorosis cases.

Think about this, the CDC says the main problem is the toothpaste, but its cure to the alleged toothpaste problem is to recommend lowering the amount in our water. Does that sound like they are being honest with us? The only logical cause for the ever-increasing fluorosis problem has been the overfluoridating of our water supply that ultimately fluoridates our food supply. Obviously the government knows the problem is in the water, but it does not want to say such a thing.

The Watsonville City Council continually ignores the facts on this issue. It is too busy holding a hand out for whatever political contributions, grants, or payments to bother protecting our water and health. Unless we get some honest council members to stop the fluoridation process, all of you and your children are going to continue to ingest even more fluoride.

It seems like every year brings more news about the dangers of fluoridation, but the politicians do not care. Many of us have repeatedly informed council members about the latest news on the issue, but mostly the council members insult us or else refuse to answer any of our questions.

Our so-called city leaders are going to shove a toxic chemical into our water with no proof it works. There is something seriously wrong with a City Council that would sell out the quality of our water supply. How much fluoride have you had today? The answer is “too much” and we do not need any more in our water.