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West Jordan – First in the nation

Source: International Fluoride Information Network | September 6th, 2002
Location: United States, Utah

Dear All,

We have just received this exciting news from Jeff Green (Citizens for Safe Drinking Water).

Congratulations to Jeff, Rosemary Minervini, Rae Howard and all the other tireless citizens in Utah who helped West Jordan,Utah, to become the first city in the nation to pass the Water Product Quality Control Resolution!

Paul Connett
From Jeff Green (September 5, 2002)

Below is an announcement by Rosemary Minervini and Rae Howard who report that West Jordan, Utah is the first in the nation to pass the Water Product Quality Control Act in the form of a resolution.

With minor variation this resolution mirrors proposed ordinances which have qualified for the November 2002 ballot in Watsonville and Redding California as an initiative; beginning petition circulation as an initiative in Santa Maria, CA; and in public discussion in several other cities in Washington State, Oregon, California, and Erie, PA.

Congratulations to the citizens of West Jordan for selecting representatives who followed their common sense and performed due diligence rather than falling prey to the endorsement shell game presented by proponents of fluoridation.

Because of special circumstances this was passed in the form of a resolution and there are limitations on its ability to require action by other entities; however, this resolution specifically calls for supporting other legislative action to fulfill their underlying intent, and may begin a landslide of communities who will join West Jordan in seeking a widespread call to action by the State Legislature.

We anxiously awaited reporting this action until a certified copy could be obtained and made available electronically. The scanned-in text of the resolution is found at:


A smile and a thumping of the heart to those who have worked so tirelessly to accomplish this first of many.


Tuesday, September 3, 2002:

The West Jordan City Council voted unanimously for a resolution objecting to adding concentrations of contaminants to their drinking water which exceed Maximum Contaminant Level Goals. The resolution also says that any substance added to water supplies for the purpose of treating people rather than treating water, must have an approved health claim for that substance by the FDA or other controlling entity.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that this resolution DID NOT pass with the intent to stop fluoridation. It would be very counterproductive for opponents of fluoridation to say that it would, or to proclaim passage of the resolution as a “victory” in the fight against fluoridation.

An extremely important and commendable step has been taken by West Jordan’s City Council in expressing their concern for the health, safety and welfare of the citizens in their community. We hope other cities in Salt Lake County will follow their leadership in this issue.

In any public statements or presentations, please just focus on the basic facts:

(1) The resolution is non-binding;
(2) It deals with ANY PRODUCT or substance added to drinking water – not just fluoridation chemicals;
(3) It was not intended to stop fluoridation;
(4) It deals specifically and only with contaminants in drinking water and approval for health claims made by products added to drinking water; and
(5) It supports county, state and federal legislation which addresses the provisions of the resolution.

A scanned copy of the West Jordan resolution on Water Product Quality Control is on our Web site (see link below).

-Rosemary Minervini and Rae Howard

To read a scanned copy of the resolution, see: