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West Lancs: Should fluoride be added to tap water?

Source: Champion Newspapers | November 4th, 2008
Location: United Kingdom, England

Tory parliamentary hopeful Adrian Owens wants your views on whether fluoride should be added to tap water.

The issue is a contentious one with some believing it prevents tooth decay while others say it can damage health.

Councillor Owens wants people to log on to his website and give their opinion.

“The issue of adding fluoride to drinking water is hotly debated,” he said. “It causes divisions in all the main political parties. I’m raising this issue now because there is a real prospect that moves will be made to add fluoride to our water supplies early next year.

Alan Johnson, the Health Secretary has publicly called on health authorities to start the consultation programme for fluoridation and here in the northwest a decision on whether to launch a formal consultation is due in January.

“I want to hear the views of local people to help inform my own view on the issue. My starting point is to have grave concerns about adding any medication to our drinking water on grounds of individual freedom and reported adverse health effects, yet improved dental health is important too.

“So, I would urge West Lancashire residents to have their say and take part in this online survey which will run for the next few weeks.”

The survey is running at www.adrianowens.com/news54.htm.