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When’s compulsory medication going to end?

Source: Herald.ie | October 24th, 2014 | By Mary Ann O’Brien, Independent Senator
Location: Ireland

Ireland stands alone as the only nation in Europe compulsorily medicating its population with a controversial chemical, which is fluoride.

I recently wrote an article in which I stated uncomfortable facts about fluoride and fluoridation.

Columnist Sarah Carey subsequently wrote about the issue, and said she believed that the addition of fluoride into public water supplies was “one of the greatest health initiatives in the western world”.

In response to this, I would urge Sarah Carey to listen openly to both sides of the debate. Our health and environment are too precious to not ask questions about this failed Government policy.

The issues that I have raised, highlight my many concerns about the controversial practice of mass medication by toxic fluoride acid in our water.

There are many facts, which can be checked and verified fully, about the issue of fluoride and fluoridation which people may be interested to know.

For instance, there is enough fluoride in a tube of toothpaste to kill a 12-year-old.

In the US, all fluoride toothpaste carries a poison warning. It warns that if you accidently swallow more than a tiny pea-sized amount of paste you should contact a poison control centre immediately.

The amount of fluoride in the pea size that requires a warning, is the same amount of fluoride in a glass of Irish tap water with no warning.

Meanwhile, 98pc of Europe has rejected fluoridation, and many countries based their decision on health concerns.

These countries have chosen not to override the human rights of the majority, for the supposed benefit to a few.

In Northern Ireland also, 25 out of 26 councils decided against force-feeding this chemical to people via its water supply.


This practice amounts to drugging by thirst. The thirstier you are, the more fluoride you receive. What doctor would prescribe drugs by thirst?

It is worth noting that babies drink three to four times more liquids than adults, relative to their size. So they’ll get three to four times fluoride’s toxic effects. And as they can’t excrete fluoride, 90pc of it stays in their body.

Meanwhile, 99.9pc of this toxic fluoridated acid is flushed straight down the drain, after underground leaks, industry usage, and household waste water.

A 500-page report from the National Research Council, which was the work of 12 scientists over three years, outlined the adverse effects which are possible from low levels of fluoride ingestion.

These included thyroid Impairment, impaired glucose tolerance, moderate dental fluorosis, bone fractures, moderate skeletal fluorosis lowering of IQ and brain damage – the latter especially in the presence of aluminium.

Shockingly, all of these adverse effects, with possibly the exception of bone fractures and lower IQ, can occur at 1 mg/L – the level used for water fluoridation.

As an senator, I remain concerned about the quality of our drinking water, and the addition of fluoride acid, which is being forced on us all, whether we want it or not.