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Why shouldn’t experts be questioned?

Source: Oakville Beaver | December 3rd, 2008 | W. Gary Sprules
Location: Canada, Ontario

I am astounded that the editors of the Oakville Beaver are “puzzled why council is questioning the viewpoint of its own medical officer of health” over the issue of water fluoridation (No need to rush decision, Oakville Beaver, Nov. 26).

Surely Canada has long gone beyond abject obeisance to persons of authority in debates about important public health issues.

Medical authorities are not always right. Should they have approved the use of thalidomide to reduce morning sickness during pregnancy? Should they have supported generalized use of hormone replacement therapies now known to increase risks of cancer and heart disease?

Surely it is the responsibility of councillors to consider information from all sources including the constituents they represent, the medical officer of health, and new scientific evidence, to reach decisions about medical matters affecting everyone.