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Wichita Eagle editorial board advocates a “yes” vote on water fluoridation

Source: The Wichita Eagle | October 28th, 2012
Location: United States, Kansas

The Eagle editorial board advocates a “yes” vote on Nov. 6 to fluoridate Wichita’s water system. The opponents are sincere in their safety concerns about the proposal to increase the naturally occurring fluoride level to .7 parts per million. But more than half a century of peer-reviewed scientific research is on fluoridation’s side – along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the past five U.S. surgeons general, the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and 533 local dental and medical professionals. In addition, a 2012 state report concluded that populous Wichita’s “lack of community water fluoridation is a probable causal factor” in why 58 percent of third-graders have cavities in south-central Kansas, compared with only 44 percent in northeast Kansas (home of fluoridated Topeka, Lawrence and the Kansas City area). Cost concerns have merit, especially with the city water system’s financial challenges. But fluoridation saves money on dental treatment. More waiting will only mean more unnecessary tooth decay in Wichita.