Fluoride Action Network

Wichita: Group pushes for fluoride in Wichita water

Source: KSN TV 3 | July 13th, 2012
Location: United States, Kansas

“Wichitans for Healthy Teeth”, a coalition of more than 500 dentists and doctors are pushing for Wichita water to have fluoride.

At a press conference Thursday evening, the group announced they’re trying to raise awareness of the health benefits of fluoride and are starting a petition to get Wichita’s water fluoridated.

“Every recognized health organization supports community water fluoridation and says it is a safe healthy effective way to lower our rate of decay and to protect public from oral disease and making their lives healthier and happier,” says Dr. Sara Meng, the chairperson of the group.

“Wichitans for Pure Water”, a group opposed to fluoridation, says healthy diet and proper dental hygiene are the keys to preventing cavities.