Fluoride Action Network

Will Fluoridation Help or Hurt Dental Health in AR?

Source: KARK 4 News | November 3rd, 2009 | Reported by Courtney Collins
Location: United States, Arkansas

The Natural State has always struggled with oral health, but not everyone agrees on how we should fix the problem.

First and foremost, experts say try to prevent tooth decay by limiting your sugar intake, brushing and flossing, and going to the dentist twice a year.

But what about fluoridated water?

Many Arkansas towns are without it, but while some dentists are urging more cities to use fluoride, some activists say it’s not the answer.

“Unfortunately, only about 65 percent of Arkansans enjoy the benefits of water fluoridation everyday,” says Dr. Lynn Mouden with the Office of Oral Health.

“It’s a known fact that fluoride causes skeletal fluorosis and dental fluorosis, also 1 in 3 Americans have arthritis, that diagnoses as skeletal fluorosis,” says Crystal Harvey with the Fluoride Action Network.

Some cities in Arkansas without fluoridated water include Hot Springs and El Dorado.