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Windsor. Letter: What damage is fluoride doing?

Source: The Windsor Star | April 4th, 2012 | By Tia Toutant
Location: Canada, Ontario

Re: Demand an end to fluoride in water, by Alice Daglian, March 29.

Thank you, Mrs. Daglian, for bringing the issue of dental fluorosis to the public’s attention. As you mentioned, this is a disease caused by ingesting too much fluoride.

My son suffers from dental fluorosis. He was diagnosed when he was only three years old at his first dental appointment. I was shocked to learn that his teeth will be permanently discoloured and damaged because of fluoride.

My son had never been exposed to fluoride by way of toothpaste or dental products, only the fluoride found in our drinking water supply and what was in the baby formula.

This was another fact I was shocked and sad to learn that babies fed formula mixed with fluoridated water are exposed to a lot more fluoride than breastfed babies. I’d nursed my son for the first year before switching to formula.

As my son’s permanent teeth are growing in, we can see the effects of dental fluorosis on them. I wish I’d known of the dangers of ingesting fluoride.

And we can only wonder what the biological effects of this disease mean for my son’s bones, brain and other tissues. And because water filter systems adequate to remove fluoride are so expensive, we’re sickened by the fact that we continue to have to expose him to this toxin so long as it is added to our municipal water supply.