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Winnipeg: City lowers fluoride in drinking water

Source: CBC News (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) | March 16th, 2012
Location: Canada, Manitoba

The City of Winnipeg announced Wednesday it has lowered the amount of fluoride in drinking water.

The new level of fluoride is 0.7 parts per million, down from 0.85 ppm.

The change is in response to new provincial guidelines.

“Fluoride protects tooth enamel against the acids that cause tooth decay,” officials said in a statement.

“Many studies have shown that fluoridated drinking water significantly reduces the number of cavities in children’s teeth. Fluoride is used in many communities across Canada, spanning most provinces and territories. About 45 per cent of Canadians receive fluoridated water,” the statement said.

According to the city, Health Canada has established the maximum acceptable amount of fluoride that can be added to drinking water is 1.5 ppm.

“Water containing fluoride at, or below, this maximum acceptable concentration does not pose a risk to human health,” the city said.

Winnipeg has added fluoride to its drinking water since 1956.