The new Wolfforth water treatment plant is set to open in the spring, after years of planning and building…

Newsom said the work on the building is still moving along. The new system will be a electro-dialysis reversal system…

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Note from FAN:

• Wolfforth was listed with a fluoride level in its water of 4.9 ppm
• Dec 7, 2004: Wolfforth Residents Warned Not To Drink The Water
• Dec 8, 2004: Wolfforth Officials Say Water Is Safe
• Aug 2006: Report- Development and Field Evaluation of an Aquifer Stratification Testing System by Reedy RC, Kurtzman DJ, Tachovsky JA, Scanlon BA. Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin.
• Aug 2007: Draft Feasibility Report. Feasibility analysis of water supply for small public water systems. Wolfforth Place.
• Mar 27, 2008: Wolfforth works to settle well dispute
• Dec 5, 2012: Letter from EPA to AIM Water Company, LLC issuing an Order in violation arsenic of the Safe Drinking Water Act.
• July 26, 2013: City of Wolfforth installing new system for clean water
• Mar 7, 2014, EPA warns Wolfforth about excess fluoride in water
• Mar 18, 2014: Wolfforth not alone: New Home, Morton also received notices…
• Jun 16, 2014: Wolfforth Moving on Project to Clean Up Water
• Jan-Dec, 2015: Water Quality Report (in violation of both fluoride & arsenic levels)
— Highest level detected in 2014 for fluoride was 5.4 ppm with the fluoride range listed at 4.73 – 5.36 ppm.
— Highest level detected in 2014 for arsenic was 19 ppb with the arsenic rage listed at 9.09 – 19 ppb.