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Wolfforth Residents Warned Not To Drink The Water

Source: KLBK-13 News | December 7th, 2004
Location: United States, Texas

WOLFFORTH–Drinking water can sometimes be taken for granted. But for residents in Wolfforth, another newsletter serves as a reminder that their water isn`t safe.

Water composes more than 2/3 of your body. But for Wolfforth residents, their supply is saturated with hazardous levels of fluoride.

“It concerns me a whole lot,” says Michael Hill, a Wolfforth resident. “I`ve got a younger brother that`s five.. and you know, whats it gonna be like when he`s my age.. I worry about him and the future.”

Like Hill, Meredith Williams worries that the newsletters keep coming.

“In the future, we don`t really know what could happen,” she says. Nothing`s really happened yet, but its something we might want to look into for future generations.”

The city thought about buying water from nearby Slaton. But that, like a reverse osmosis system, is too costly.

One man who wished not to be identified says when it comes to bone cancer, cost shouldn`t be measured in cash.

“I`ve lived here for quite awhile and this comes up every year and I wonder about the long term exposure,” he says. “What if it has any effect on us and if so what?”

His bill for bad water runs $40-$50 a month.

“You`re paying for water thats essentially bad,” he says. “I don`t think that is right.”

The city does provide bottled water for residents, but the problem hasn`t been solved for more than 15 years.

“I don`t know of anything being done.. I haven`t heard a whole lot about it,” he says.

If you have any questions concerning Wolfforth`s water, you can give them a call at 866-4215.