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Worcester Citizens Get Enough Signatures to Put Fluoridation to a Vote

Source: Worcester Citizens for Total Health | September 10th, 2001 | Article

WORCESTER — Worcester Citizens for Total Health is pleased and proud to announce its success in placing the fluoridation issue on the November election ballot.

Craig Manseau of the Elections Commission has confirmed that we have exceeded the 9,193 certified signatures needed by 1,242 (a total of 10,435) on Monday, September 10, 2001. Over 15,000 signatures were submitted for certification and are still being counted to ensure that no challenges will be made. Mr. Manseau said that he is “very impressed with the high percentage of certifiable signatures the Elections Commission is finding.”

This confirms what our petitioners have strongly felt: that the citizens of Worcester strongly oppose being medicated against their will, for any reason at all, and that they will not be swayed or bought by an outrageously expensive, professional public relations campaign.

The children of Worcester who need dental services should get dental services. If they need fluoride treatments, the city should provide fluoride treatments, with the parents’ permission, in dosages that treat the individual child’s needs.

We intend to do what we can to educate Worcester’s citizens about the dangers of fluoridation. People can begin to educate themselves by tuning in to the programs aired on channel 13 on Monday nights from 10-11pm, and on Fridays from 1-1:30 pm. In October, additional times will be added, including Wednesdays at 5:30 pm.

We are also preparing a fund-raising drive to raise the funds necessary to get our message out.


Deirdre Staples
Worcester Citizens For Total Health
PMB#818, 1102 Pleasant St.
Worcester, MA 01602-1232
(508) 770-4118