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Wyoming: Fluoride In Buffalo’s Water? Council Says No

Source: SheridanMedia.com | June 22nd, 2016 | By Aaron Palmer
Location: United States, Wyoming

Buffalo’s City Council announced at their Tuesday meeting that there will be no fluoride added to Buffalo’s municipal water at least for the foreseeable future.

After months of discussions, public hearings where citizens and public health officials debated the issue and after the city council themselves considered the possibility, they have unanimously decided to leave the system alone, but are wanting to pursue other areas to help with the county’s oral health issues, which are significant according to local dentists and the county’s health officer, Dr. Brian Schueler, who was behind this latest push to get more fluoride added to the city’s water to improve the oral health of the children in the county.

Buffalo Mayor Mike Johnson made the announcement during Tuesday’s regular meeting, and explained why the council chose not to fluoridate the water.

Sheridan resident John Fafoutakis, who has spoken out against fluoridating Buffalo’s water at numerous recent meetings, thanked the council for “turning down that hideous fluoride business,” and thanked them for their “exceptional courtesy.”