Residents met in Yanchep, north of Perth, last night to oppose a move to fluoridate the area’s drinking water supply.

Yanchep and Two Rocks residents do not receive fluoridated water at present but they will when they are connected to the city’s main water supply grid.

Medical experts say fluoridation significantly reduces the incidence of dental decay.

Anti-flouride groups claim ingesting too much fluoride can contribute to health problems, such as reduced bone density.

James Fairbairn from the group Perth Fluoride Free says Yanchep residents are far from convinced about the health benefits of fluoride and want to be given a choice.

“None of them gave the authority to be medicated themselves, they are greatly concerned about the effect it’s going to have on their children and on themselves as well,” he said.

Mr Fairbairn says Perth should join the Canadian city of Calgary which removed fluoride from its water this year.

“I think we should be learning from Calgary that people power does work, that politicians do listen to the people and when people say they don’t want to be medicated, the politicians will listen,” he said.