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Yorktown Board Holds Flouride Hearing Tuesday Night

Source: The Yorktown Daily Voice | January 22nd, 2013 | By Brian Marschhauser
Location: United States, New York

YORKTOWN, N.Y. – Yorktown’s Town Board will hold an informational hearing Tuesday night to consider discontinuing the practice of adding fluoride to the drinking water supply.

The topic has sparked passionate responses from many Yorktown residents and garnered attention from anti-fluoride organizations throughout the nation.

In an informal poll posted on The Yorktown Daily Voice, 38 percent of readers voted to continue fluoridation of Yorktown’s water, 61 percent opposed the practice and 1 percent had no opinion.

Opponents have argued that fluoridation is costly, ineffective in improving tooth decay and can cause health issues.

“Fluoridation is an illogical and irrational practice, without regard to biological differences among individuals, health, age, weight, intolerances to fluoride, its cumulative effects, its potent enzyme inhibiting effects, total fluoride intake which has risen dramatically over the years, etc.,” said Paul Beeber, president of New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation.

Yorktown resident and Mt. Kisco-based dentist Carl Tegtmeier disagreed and said Yorktown has been fluoridating its water since 1965 without any controversy and without any problems to the public.

“To date, 55 Yorktown dentists and pediatricians have communicated their support for fluoridation to the Town Board,” Tegtmeier wrote. “From a public health perspective, continuing fluoridation is a win-win for our residents with stronger teeth and bones, less cavities and saving residents money overall.”

The town temporarily discontinued the fluoridation of its water earlier this month for repairs at its Catskill and Amawalk facilities.

Supervisor Michael Grace said the repairs would be significant capital investments, and the town wanted to hear from its residents before moving forward.

“What we’re now balancing is a capital expenditure in replacing equipment and having to deal with environmental regulations,” Grace said at the Jan. 8 board meeting. “It’s just balancing resources against what we think is a public health issue.”

Tuesday night’s hearing will be held during a regular meeting of the Town Board, which begins at 7:30 p.m. at Yorktown Town Hall, 363 Underhill Ave.