The debate about adding a toxic substance, fluoride, to our drinking water has its pros and cons. Yorktown has been without water fluoridation for a long time now. I have not heard of any problems with an increase of cavities, have you? If there are people who want fluoride treatment for their teeth, there are other methods such as toothpaste or the dentist. There are numerous studies on the ill effects of adding fluoride to drinking water. Few areas in Europe fluoridate their drinking water.

From Harvard Public Health: “We should recognize that fluoride has beneficial effects on dental development and protection against cavities.” But do we need to add it to drinking water, so it gets into the bloodstream and potentially into the brain?

Adding to the water we ALL drink is not the answer. Instead of poisoning ourselves, how about using that money for something else? Just because the money is available does not mean we have to spend it. I remember many years ago when I was young, I went to the dentist for fluoride treatments. The dentist applied the fluoride treatment directly to my teeth and cautioned me NOT to swallow. Did he know something about fluoride back then that the dentists who are advocating it be added to our drinking water don’t know?

In closing, there are several ways to treat your teeth with fluoride. If you want to, then be my guest, but don’t force all of us to eventually poison ourselves. Do your research. I did and advised our town council years ago about it. Do you know how many responses I received from them? ZERO. Maybe it was the over $900,000 that we would receive from the state that influenced them?

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Note from Fluoride Action Network