Paperwork has been filed and certified for the upcoming fluoride election in Yutan.

Yutan’s special election is set for Nov. 10. Voters will once again have a say on whether they want fluoride added to their drinking water.

According to Saunders County Clerk Patti Lindgren, she is filing paperwork with the state to set the election as a mail-in ballot election.

“It is the election clerk’s decision how to set up an election whether it is mail or not,” Lindgren said. “I have paperwork to send in to the state and then I have to get approval before it is set that way.”

The election is more than 50 days out, so no additional information about the ballot is available yet.

Yutan voters will be re-voting on the fluoride issue that was passed in last year’s general election. The voters voted 292 to 265 in November to add fluoride to their water.

At the July Yutan City Council meeting, the council passed a resolution putting the issue of adding fluoride to the city’s water supply on a special election ballot.

Yutan resident Mary Holbrook presented a petition to the city council in June with over 60 city residents’ signatures on it in favor of a revote.

Holbrook stated that she started the petition because of the health effects of fluoride.

Wahoo resident Bill Minors is also reportedly trying to get a re-vote on fluoride.

At a recent Wahoo city council meeting, Miners said he and others were circulating a petition for a re-vote in Wahoo.

But, no signed petitions have been presented to the city.

Miners was unavailable for comment last week.

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Note: See summary of referenda held in Nebraska on Nov 4, 2008 . Out of 61 Nebraskan communities voting in fluoride referenda 49 communities (or 80%) voted no to fluoride.