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  • Belgium, France, Ireland Cut Fluoride Use – Health Concerns Cited – British Scientists Request Health Studies

    Because of health concerns, Belgium banned the sale of fluoride supplements to prevent tooth decay, France removed sodium fluoride from the market for the treatment of osteoporosis and Ireland plans to lower water fluoride levels. And, because poor quality research has been carried out on fluoride and health, British scientists called, on Thursday (September 5, […]

  • Fluoridation Fails Poor Children, New Studies Show

    NEW YORK, July 24 /PRNewswire/ — Fluoridation promises to level cavity rates between poor and non-poor, but fails, according to two studies in the May-June “Pediatric Dentistry,” reports the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF). Low-income pre-schoolers, from northern Manhattan, New York City (100% fluoridated), have significantly more cavities than pre-schoolers nationwide (62% […]

  • Fluoride No Benefit to Poor, studies show

    Even when fluoridated water is the most consumed item, cavities are extensive in low-income Americans when their diets are bad, according to Caries Research. (1) Burt and colleagues studied low-income African-American adults, 14-years-old and over, living in Detroit, Michigan, where water suppliers add fluoride chemicals attempting to prevent cavities. Yet, 83% of this population has […]

  • Waterloo. Kirshen opinion: Studies show fluoridation is safe and effective

    Second opinion In her letter published Oct. 23 – Where’s the Science? – Waterloo Coun. Angela Vieth suggests she’s been waiting three years for the science that proves water fluoridation is safe and effective. The science has always been there, and it must be reviewed and interpreted accurately by experts with the proper education and […]

  • Rat Studies Link Brain Cell Damage With Aluminum and Fluoride in Water

    ANAHEIM, Calif. – A team of New York scientists said rat studies offer preliminary evidence that aluminum, when administered in drinking water, may be linked with behavior changes and damaged brain cells. The study, presented at the meeting here of the Society for Neuroscience, is the latest of several studies hinting at some link between […]

  • Contradictory scientific studies raise questions about fluoride safety

    Two scientific studies focusing on the safety of the chemicals for water fluoridation most commonly used by cities across the country — including Burlington — have become a part of the Burlington debate on whether to continue fluoridating the city’s water supply. One study suggests there might be a link between use of the fluoridation […]

  • New Studies Find Fluoridation Ineffective

    A number of new studies have cast yet further doubt on the benefits of water fluoridation. 1) A study from the journal Caries Research (Seppa et al, 2002) reports no differences in dental decay when comparing the dental records of a fluoridated and unfluoridated town in Finland. As the study notes “even a longitudinal approach […]

  • Fluoride Linked to Low IQ, Studies Show

    Children’s intelligence declines as their natural drinking water fluoride levels increase, concluded a Chinese study in the May 2003 journal, “Fluoride.” Children scored inferior IQ’s even when fluoride levels were similar to that added to U.S. water supplies to prevent tooth decay (1). “As the fluoride levels in drinking water increased, the IQ fell and […]

  • Lack of health studies into fluoride in water’s effects is ‘troubling’

    Anti-fluoride campaigner Dr Paul Connett, who gave a speech to the Kapiti Coast District Council regulatory management committee on Thursday, says there were now 24 published studies that indicated moderate to high exposure to fluoride is associated with lowered IQ; there were more than 100 animal experiments which showed fluoride can damage the brain; three […]

  • Fluoridation & Tea Do Not Mix, Studies Continue to Show

    New York – September 25 – Fluoridation puts tea drinkers at risk of damaged bones, discolored teeth and soft tissue harm, studies show. Tea has naturally high fluoride levels. Excess fluoride can weaken bones and discolor children’s un-erupted teeth. When fluoridated water is used to make tea, fluoride levels consumed can be health damaging. Four […]