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  • The ethics of water fluoridation

    Introduction Water fluoridation is a controversial topic to some people and has, over the decades since its implementation, promoted furious debate, even within the dental profession.  The idea that the dental profession is 100% behind water fluoridation is nonsense, as can be seen by online forums and social media posts.  It is credited by many […]

  • Bifenthrin: Judge Says USDA Must Protect Organic Crops from Pesticide-Contaminated Compost

    Note from FAN: Molecular formula for Bifenthrin, CAS # 82657-04-3 A U.S. District Court judge says the USDA violated public process by permitting the use of pesticide-contaminated compost in the production of organic crops and did so without conducting a formal public review on the issue. Northern District of California Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley handed down the ruling […]

  • Statements from Professionals – Part Three

    In this bulletin we provide an additional 25 statements from the list of doctors, dentists, nurses, scientists, water treatment operators, and others who have signed the New Professionals’ statement calling for an end to fluoridation worldwide. Some of these statements have been edited to avoid repetition. The first statement on this selection comes from one […]

  • (How to) Make Your Own Toothpaste

    Toothpaste has various uses, such as freshening the breath, helping to prevent oral problems including halitosis, whitening the teeth and helping with overall teeth cleanliness. However, it is interesting that it can be easily made at home using basic ingredients and a simple procedure. How was toothpaste made in the past? According to ancient records, […]

  • Time-bound plan needed to address contaminated water

    Contamination of groundwater with chemicals like arsenic and fluoride is an important issue in several states of India. Even though government has schemes to address the problem not much has been achieved. Authorities have been repeatedly told that efforts on war-footing are needed to protect millions of Indians from the contaminated groundwater but the work […]

  • OPG finds high PFOS concentrations near Kadena Air Base, advises against drinking the water

    Shiriiga (pictured above) in Yara, Kadena Town, photographed on April 23, where high concentrations of PFOS and PFOA were detected. Local residents once used this water for everyday needs like washing the laundry. On April 23 it came to light that a water quality study conducted last year by the Okinawa Prefectural Enterprise Bureau in […]

  • Expert panel calls for dealing contamination of 25K groundwater habitations

    Groundwater in over 25,000 habitations across India is contaminated with excess arsenic and fluoride levels. To address the issue, a parliamentary committee has now asked the Union Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation (MDWS) to devise a time-bound plan to achieve the target of supplying clean drinking water to the contaminated areas. In India, 15,811 […]

  • Toxic Toothpaste Ingredients You Need to Avoid

    Story at-a-glance Your mouth is highly absorbent, so chemicals lurking in your toothpaste get a fast-track into your bloodstream Triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), artificial sweeteners, fluoride, and diethanolamine (DEA) are examples of toothpaste ingredients that may be toxic You can make your own natural toothpaste at home – and remember that a healthy diet […]

  • Water Fluoridation – Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    Karen Gay is the Eastern Shore of Virginia Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader. The next meeting will cover the topic of water fluoridation on Wednesday, February 20 at 6:00 at Peacewerks, 3100 Main Street, Exmore. Consider joining our ESVA Weston A Price Foundation Chapter Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/esvawapf/. For more information contact Karen at 240-393-5625 […]

  • TOXIC LEGACY: Air Force studies dating back decades show danger of foam that contaminated local water

    The Air Force ignored decades of warnings from its own researchers in continuing to use a chemical-laden firefighting foam that is a leading cause of contaminated drinking water for at least 6 million Americans, including thousands of people south of Colorado Springs. Multiple studies dating back to the 1970s found health risks from the foam, […]