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Government Reports & FAN Submissions

FAN's compilation of official reports from the US, EU, WHO, UN, Australia, Canada, Ireland, NZ, and the UK. The majority of FAN's submissions to various government agencies over the years are also included.


Government Reports & statements

2018 – April. Oral Health Report Update. (This report was adapted from the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit “Oral Health 2016 Report”). By Mathew Roy, Epidemiologist and Ramsey D’Souza, Manager, Epidemiology & Evaluation. Contributors: Kim Casier Oral Health Manager; Nicole Dupuis, Health Promotion Director; and Dr. Wajid Ahmed, Acting Medical Officer of Health. Windson-Essex Health Unit.

2017-2018. Community Water Fluoridation fact sheet. Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada. Online as of February 7, 2018.

2017 – The State of Community Water Fluoridation across Canada. 2017 Report. Prepared by the Public Health Capacity and Knowledge Management Unit, Quebec Region for the Office of the Chief Dental Officer of Canada , Public Health Agency of Canada.
*** See Table 3 for fluoridation statistics for each province and territory.

2017 – November 15. Information Advisory on Fluoride and Sodium. Oxford County, Ontario.

2017 – October. Article Review on “Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Cognitive Outcomes in Children at 4 an d 6 – 1 2 Years of Age in Mexico. Public Health Ontario. This is a review of a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives in September 2017.

2017 – September. Fluoride and Oral Health. Health Canada also here

2017 – Halogens and Other Volatile Compounds in Surface Sample Media as Indicators of Mineralization. Part 1: Lara VMS Deposit, Vancouver Island, BC (NTS 092B13). By Heberlein D, Dunn CE, and Rice S. Geoscience BC Report 2017-11.

2017 – The State of Oral Health in Canada, by the Canadian Dental Association (CDA). Online in February.

2016 – Fluoride Facts. EatRightOntario. October 9. Note: scroll down for beginning of article. See original article

2015 – Letter from Daniel Haas, DDS, PhD, FRCD(C), Dean of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry, to the Ontario Association of Public Health Dentistry, acknowledging his support of community water fluoridation. December 9.

2015 – Promoting Better Health in Your Community. The Essential Benefits of Water Fluoridation. By the Ontario Dental Assoc. January.

2015 – Fluoride Varnish Initiative: A preventative oral health strategy. A Board of Health (Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph) report by Dawna Monk Vanwyck and Dr. Robert Hawkins. January 7.

2014 – Position Statement on Community Water Fluoridation. By the Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry. September.

2014 – Alberta Health Position statement on community water fluoridation. July 3.

2014 – NON-GOVERNMENT REPORT: Legal Arguments against Water Fluoridation, by Nadar R. Hasan (Ruby, Shiller, Chan, Hasan Barristers). June 23.

2014 – BC Dental Survey of Kindergarten Children 2012 – 2013. A Provincial and Regional Analysis. Ministry of Health, Population and Public Health, Healthy Development and Women’s Health Directorate. May 2014.

2014 – Response to request under the Access to Information Act for reports, studies, toxicology and clinical tests pertaining to hydrofluosilicic acid in Canadian tap water. Health Canada.

2012 – Water Fluoridation. RRFSS Provincial Health Indicator Report (Rapid Risk Factor Surveillance System). Ontario.

2011 – Inuit Oral Health Survey Report 2008-2009. Health Canada.

2011 – Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is: The Future of Dental Care in Canada. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. April.

2010 – Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality. Guideline Technical Document. Fluoride.
Prepared by the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Drinking Water of the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Health and the Environment. Health Canada.

2010 – Summary Report on the Findings of the Oral Health Component of the Canadian Health Measures Survey 2007–2009. Health Canada.
• Statistics on dental fluorosis.
• As of 2008, 45.1% of Canadians have access to fluoridated water (page 12).

2010 – Grey Bruce Oral Health Status Report: 2005–2010. Ontario.

2009. Fluoridation Act of Ontario. 2009.

2008 – AKWESASNE. St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Data Report: Fluoride. 2008. CAA Fluoride Grant: XA98279801-3.

2006 – Assessment Report on Hydrogen Fluoride for Developing Ambient Air Quality Objectives. Prepared by Toxico-Logic Consulting Inc. for Alberta Environment. February. Funding from Alberta Environment (AENV).

1999 – Benefits and Risks of Water Fluoridation. An Update of the 1996 Federal-Provincial Sub-committee Report.
By Dr David Locker for the Public Health Branch, Ontario Ministry of Health and the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada.

1999 – Canadian water quality guidelines for the protection of aquatic life: INORGANIC FLUORIDES. In: Canadian environmental quality guidelines, 1999, Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment, Winnipeg.

1993 – Inorganic Fluorides (Priority substances list assessment report). Environment Canada, Health Canada.

1977 – Environmental Fluoride 1977. By Dyson Rose & John R. Marier. National Research Council of Canada.

1961 – Report of the Committee appointed to inquire into and report upon the fluoridation of municipal water supplies. Ontario. January 31. [Note: only the first few pages take a while to download]

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