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FAN's compilation of government and other reports from the US, EU, WHO, UN, Australia, Canada, Ireland, NZ, and the UK. The majority of FAN's submissions to various government agencies over the years are also included.


Note: for the many news articles on fluoride and fluorosis in India click here

2019 – Concentration of fluoride in groundwater of India: A systematic review, meta-analysis and risk assessment, by Ali S, Fsakhri Y, Golbini M, Thakur SK, et al. Groundwater for Sustainable Development.

2020 – Health risk assessment of co-occurrence of toxic fluoride and arsenic in groundwater of Dharmanagar region, North Tripura (India). Bhattacharya P, Adhikari S, Samal AC, et al. Groundwater for Sustainable Development 11:100430.

Excerpt: The obtained results are highly alarming and thus for reducing threats to human health, the government should immediately take necessary action for supplying safe drinking water for the residents.

2020 – Data on fluoride concentration profile in groundwater of rural habitats in Mahabubnagar district, Telangana, India. By Dasaiah S, Kurakalva RM, Pindi PK. Data in Brief 32:106165.

Fig. 1

2018 – New computer models show that more than 100 million people in India are affected by excess fluoride in groundwater. Press Release: EAWAG: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology.

2017 – South Asia Groundwater Forum: Regional Challenges and Opportunities for Building Drought and Climate Resilience for Farmers, Cities, and Villages. Hirji, R., Mandal, S., & Pangare, G. (Eds.). This Forum was held was held in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India from June 1–3, 2016, and convened by the World Bank in partnership with the Government of India and the International Water Association.

2016 – Fluorosis by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, National Health, India.

2012 – The State of Fluoride in India, By the Fluoride Knowledge and Action Group (on FAN site)

2012: Indian Standard Drinking Water – Specification (Second Revision). By the Bureau of Indian Standards.

2012: A study on the high fluoride concentration in the magnesium-rich waters of hard rock aquifer in Krishnagiri district, Tamilnadu, India. By Manikandan S, Chidambaram S, Ramanathan AL, et al. Arabian Journal of Geosciences.

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