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FAN's compilation of government and other reports from the US, EU, WHO, UN, Australia, Canada, Ireland, NZ, and the UK. The majority of FAN's submissions to various government agencies over the years are also included.



2018: The Safety of Vitamins and Minerals in Food Supplements – Establishing Tolerable Upper Intake Levels and a Risk Assessment Approach for Products Marketed in Ireland. Report of the Scientific Committee of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

2018: Total Diet Study 2014-2016: Assessment of Dietary Exposure to Fluoride in Adults & Children in Ireland. Published by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. April 30.

2017: Design Specification: Fluoridation. Document No. IW-TEC -900-06-1. Irish Water. Undated (received in November).

2017: Design Specification: Chemical Storage and Handling (DRAFT). Document No : IW-TEC-900-13. Irish Water. Undated (received in November)

2017: Invitation for Tenders for the Development of a Training Manual, Course Material and Training Course for Irish Water on the Fluoridation of Drinking Water. LASNTG (Local Authority Services National Training Group). Undated (received in November).

2016 or 2017: Technical Standards. Water Treatment Fluoridation. Remote Asset Management (RAM) Policy. Document Number: IW-RAM-SPEC-5020-009. Document Revision: 1.0. Irish Water. Undated (received in November 2017).

2015: June. Health Effects of Water Fluoridation. An evidence review 2015. By Sutton M, Kiersey R, Farragher L, Long J. Peer reviewers, Professor Denis Bard and Professor Murray Thomson. Health Research Board. Ireland.

2015:  Water Fluoridation, Oral Status and Bone Health of Older People in Ireland. A TILDA Research Brief by Vincent O’Sullivan and Brian C. O’Connell. February.

2013 –  Parliamentary Debate: Dáil Éireann Debate: The fluoridation of water supplies (Repeal) Bill 2013: Second Stage [Private Members]. Houses of the Oireachtas. 8 November.

2011 – Drinking Water Fluoridation and Osteosarcoma Incidence on the Island of Ireland. Research was carried out in the National Cancer Registry of Ireland and N. Ireland Cancer Registry, Centre for Public Health, Queen’s University Belfast. The work of the N. Ireland Cancer Registry is funded by the Northern Ireland Public Health Agency. Published in Cancer Causes & Control, Volume 22, Issue 6, pp 919-924, June 2011)

2007 – The Oireachtas (Joint Irish Houses of Parliament) Draft report on Water Fluoridation in Ireland by John Gormley, Green Party Dublin South East TD and former Minister for the Environment. January 11.

2006 – North South Survey of Children’s Oral Health in Ireland 2002. By Whelton H, Crowley E, O’Mullane D, Harding M, Guiney H, Cronin M, Flannery E, Kelleher V. Irish Department of Health and Children, Final Report – December 2006.

2003 – Monitoring Emissions of Dioxins, Hydrogen Fluoride and Hydrogen Bromide, Solid Waste Incinerator, 8th October. Result of request from Novartis Ringaskiddy Ltd., the Environment Department of Enterprise sampled the flue gas of the company’s Solid Waste Incinerator.

2002 – Forum on Fluoridation. Government of Ireland.

2001 – Oral Health Services Research Strategy. A report by Professor Stanley Gelbier, Dr Peter Robinson and Ms Kate Jones King’s College London. Funded by the Department of Health & Children and the Health Boards. March.

2001 – North/South Ireland Food Consumption Survey. Irish Universities Nutrition Alliance. Summary Report.

Undated (circa 2004) – Use of Fluoride in the Promotion of Oral Health in the Republic of Ireland. Report of a Consultancy Project undertaken on behalf of the Department of Health & Children and the Regional Health Boards by the Oral Health Services Research Centre, University College Cork, Ireland.

Undated – An Evaluation of the Delivery and Monitoring of Water Fluoridation in Ireland. Commissioned by the Department of Health & Children.

Undated (circa 2004) – A critical appraisal of, and commentary on, “50 Reasons to oppose fluoridation” – No author(s) cited – listed on Ireland’s Department of Health website, http://www.dohc.ie/other_health_issues/dental_research/

Undated (circa 2004) –ADDENDUM to A critical appraisal of, and commentary on, “50 Reasons to oppose fluoridation” (above). No author(s) cited – listed on Ireland’s Department of Health website, http://www.dohc.ie/other_health_issues/dental_research/ 

1960 – HEALTH (FLUORIDATION OF WATER SUPPLIES) ACT, 1960.  Electronic Irish Statute Book (eISB)


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