Fluoride Action Network

Perfluorinated Chemicals

Sometimes called "The Teflon Chemicals," FAN's Pesticide Project began tracking them in 2000 because of their use in several pesticides. Here we document the toxicity studies, government reports, class action suits, and newspaper accounts.

Abstracts for PFCs

Because FAN has a new website, the incredible amount of information we have available has not yet been transferred into our new Content Management System. Please visit our old links for the following years:

2007 abstracts
2006 abstracts
2005 abstracts
2004 abstracts
2003 abstracts
2000-2002 abstracts
1995-1999 abstracts

Up to 1994 abstracts

For the years from 2007 on, search at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed

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