Fluoride Action Network

State Fluoride Database

Read the latest fluoride news from your state; find out if your town is fluoridated, see if any communities have recently rejected fluoridation, learn if your state has a law that mandates fluoridation, and other fluoride-related information.


This database is designed to enable you to access key fluoride-related information relevant to your state and community. With this database you can:

  • Read the latest fluoride news in your state;
  • Find out if your town is fluoridated;
  • Find out which fluoridation chemical your town uses;
  • Learn if there is a law in your state that mandates or regulates water fluoridation;
  • Find out which communities in the state have rejected rejected fluoridation;
  • Learn about the oral health status and needs in your state;
  • Find out if there are any communities in the state with high levels of naturally occurring fluoride;
  • Find out which industries in the state emit fluoride pollution;
  • Find the name and contact information for your FAN state coordinator.

To begin, simply click on the drop-down menu and select your state. If you know of information that you believe should believe should be added, please email FAN at ellen@fluoridealert.org

National Information is available in the 2nd drop-down above



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