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This section is dedicated to the National Toxicology Program’s (NTP) long involvement with the issue of fluoride's toxicity. The NTP is the scientific research arm for U.S. regulatory agencies. It comes under the aegis of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). The NIEHS, in turn, comes under the umbrella of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). -Updated May 2, 2023 (EC).

NTP: News Articles, Bulletins, Press Releases

Note: This section will be continuously updated.

1989 December 28, 1989. Fluoride Linked to Bone Cancer in Fed Study – Medical Tribune
1990 February 5, 1990. Don’t Drink the Water? – Newsweek
1990 February 22, 1990. Caries preventative already has one rap against it – Medical Tribune
1990 March 13, 1990. Rat Study Reignites Dispute On Fluoride – New York Times
1990 April 27, 1990. Weak Link on Fluoride and Cancer Is Backed – New York Times
1990 April 30, 1990. ACSH Considers Taking Legal Action Against Attempts to Reclassify Fluoride – Food Chemical News
1990 May 7, 1990. The Risks of Fluoride: The Long Awaited Verdict Newsweek
1990 September 17. Fluoride bioassay study under scrutiny. By Bette Hileman. Chemical & Engineering News.
1990 September 22, 1990. More about fluoride – The Lancet
1992 December 8, 1992. EPA Ordered to Reinstate Whistleblower – The Associated Press
1994 February 10, 1994. Reich Orders EPA to Reinstate Scientist – National Whistleblower Center
1994 February 11, 1994. Scientist Who Spoke Out on Fluoride Ordered Reinstated to Job – The Associated Press
2000 July 3. Interview with EPA’s Dr. William Hirzy About Fluoride & Cancer. By Michael Connett, Fluoride Action Network.
2005 June 6. Government Asked to Evaluate the Cancer-Causing Potential Of Fluoride in Tap Water. Press Release. Environmental Working Group.
2006 July 30. Unfinished Business: Congress and Fluoride by Dr. J. William Hirzy. Presentation at the Second Citizens’ Conference on Fluoride, Canton, NY.
2016 July 8. NTP’s Systematic Literature Review on the Effects of Fluoride on Learning and Memory in Animal Studies. NTP Research Report 1. (See excerpts)
2017 February 17. National Toxicology Program Update on Fluoride’s Neurotoxicity. Fluoride Action Network.
2019 November 6. Public Trust in Tap Water May Hinge on Fluoride Link to Child IQ. By Pat Rizzuto. Bloomberg Law.
2020 March 5. National Academies Completes Review of National Toxicology Program’s Draft Monograph on Fluoride and Neurodevelopmental and Cognitive Effects. News Release from the National Academie.
2020 March 6. Experts Question Evidence Linking Fluoride to Lower IQ. By Pauline Anderson. Medscape.
2020 March 10. Study: Evidence does not support classifying fluoride as cognitive neurodevelopmental hazard. ADA News (American Dental Association).
2020 October 6. National Toxicology Program confirms fluoride a brain hazard, according to Fluoride Action Network. Press Release from Fluoride Action Network.
2020 October 7. Lanphear B, Till C, Birnbaum LS. Op-ed: It is time to protect kids’ developing brains from fluoride. Environmental Health News.
2020 October 15. Fluoride’s danger to brain development is even worse than the NTP has acknowledged according to Fluoride Action Network. Press Release, Fluoride Action Network.
2020 October 20. TSCA Plaintiffs Charge New NTP Report Underestimates Fluoride’s Risks. Inside EPA.
2020 October 23. ADA urges National Toxicology Program to reconsider monograph. ADA News (American Dental Association).
2020 October 28. Fluoride Action Network applauds NTP’s systematic review on Fluoride’s neurotoxicity but corrects its biased risk assessment. Bulletin of the Fluoride Action Network.
2020 December 4. The NTP Review: A Video Summary from Chris Neurath. Fluoride Action Network.
2021 February 9. National Academies Complete Review of National Toxicology Program’s Second Draft Monograph on Fluoride Exposure and Neurodevelopmental and Cognitive Effects. News Release from the National Academies.
2021 February 9. NTP’s Private statement on ending its systematic review on fluoride’s neurotoxicity
2021 February 11. National Academies ’strongly recommends’ third revision to fluoride monograph. By Jennifer Garvin. ADA News (American Dental Association).
2021 February 11. National Academies rejects the NTP draft report about fluoride. Press Release. American Fluoridation Society.
2021 February 16. According to Fluoride Action Network, the NAS strengthens findings on fluoride’s neurotoxicity. Press Release, Fluoride Action Network.
2021 February 24. NTP To Downgrade Fluoride Monograph After Second Critical NAS Review. By Maria Hegstad, InsideTSCA/InsideEPA.




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