FAN’s Translation Project

FAN regularly accesses and translates studies written in other languages, but mainly Chinese. FAN's collection includes over 40 studies examining fluoride's impacts on human health, including its effects on the brain, bones, fertility, the fetus, thyroid, and glucose metabolism.

Translations (ALL)

The following is a complete list of FAN’s translations (organized alphabetically by last name). 

Aksyuk AF, et al. 1962. The effect of small quantities of fluorine on the human body. Gigiena i Sanitariia 27:7-10. [Russian text | FAN translation]

An J, et al. 1992. The effects of high fluoride on the level of intelligence of primary and secondary students. Chinese Journal of Control of Endemic Diseases 7(2):93-94. [Chinese text | FAN’s translation]

Bai J, et al. 2010. Learning and memory obstacles and changes in brain tissue growth inhibitors from brick tea fluoride and aluminum poisoning of rats. Chinese Journal of Control of Endemic Diseases 25(3):161-63. [Chinese text | FAN Translation of Abstract]

Bai Z,et al. 2014. Investigation and analysis of the development of intelligence levels and growth of children in areas suffering fluorine and arsenic toxicity from pollution from burning coal. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 33(2):160-163. [Chinese with FAN translation of summary]

Bao W, et al. 2003. Report of investigations on adult hand osteoarthritis in Fengjiabao Village, Asuo Village, and Qiancheng Village. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 22(6):517-18. [Chinese text | FAN translation]

Chen P, et al. 1997. Effects of hyperfluoride on reproduction-endocrine system of male adults. Endemic Diseases Bulletin 12(2):57-58. [Chinese text | FAN translation]

Chen ZR. 2012. Hydrofluoric acid injury analysis on the health of workers. World Health Digest Medical Periodical 9:57-59. [Chinese text | FAN translation of Abstract]

Chen X. 1988. Radiological Analysis of Fluorotic Elbow Arthritis. Journal of Guiyang Medical College 13(2):303-305. [Chinese text | FAN translation]

Chen YX, et al. 1991. Research on the intellectual development of children in high fluoride areas. Chinese Journal of Control of Endemic Diseases 6(supplement):99-100. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Chen, et al. 1990. A study of the effects of fluoride on foetal tissue. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 9:345-346. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Cui R, et al. 2013. Influences of fluoride exposure in drinking water on serum androgen binding protein and testosterone of adult males. Journal of Zhengzhou University (Medical Sciences) 48(6):750-753. [Chinese text | FAN translation]

Dai G, et al. 1988. Quantitative epidemiological research on the relationship between fluoride concentration of drinking water and endemic fluoride poisoning. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 7(1):21-26. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Diouf M, et al. 2012. Pregnant women living in areas of endemic fluorosis in Senegal and low birthweight newborns: Case–control study. Revue d’Epidémiologie et de Santé Publique 60(2):103-8. [FAN translation]

Duan Q, et al. 2012. [Ossification of ligament and tendon attached around the elbow joint in diagnosis of skeletal fluorosis]. [Chinese text | FAN translation of Abstract]

Dong Z, et al. 1993. Determination of the contents of amino-acid and monoamine neurotransmitters in fetal brains from a fluorosis-endemic area. Journal of Guiyang Medical College 18(4):241-45. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Du L. 1992. The effect of fluorine on the developing human brain. Chinese Journal of Pathology 21(4):218-20. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Duan J, et al. 1995. A comparative analysis of the results of multiple tests in patients with chronic industrial fluorosis. Guizhou Medical Journal 18(3):179-80. [Chinese text | FAN translation]

Expert Group of the Ministry of Health for the Study of Tea-Induced Fluoride Poisoning. 2000. The dose-response relationship of tea-induced osteofluorosis and brick tea fluoride intake. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 19(4):266-68. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Fan Z, et al. 2007.  The effect of high fluoride exposure on the level of intelligence in children. Journal of Environmental Health 24(10):802-03. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Gao HX, et al. 2001. Changes of sclerotic skeletal fluorosis after changing to drink low-fluorine water for the long term. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 20(1):31-32. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Gas’kov A, et al. 2005. The specific features of the development of iodine deficiencies in children living under environmental pollution with fluorine compounds. Gig Sanit. Nov-Dec;(6):53-5. [Russian text | FAN Translation]

Ge X, et al. 2006. Investigations on the occurrence of osteoarthritis in middle-aged and elderly persons in fluorosis-afflicted regions of Gaomi City with high fluoride concentration in drinking water. Preventive Medicine Tribune 12(1):57-58. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Guo XC, et al. 1991. A preliminary exploration of the IQs of 7-13 year old children from an area with coal-burning-related fluoride poisoning. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 10:98-100. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Guo Z, et al. 2001. Research on the neurobehavioral function of workers occupationally exposed to fluoride. Industrial Health and Occupational Disease 27:346-348. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Hao P, et al. 2010. Effect of fluoride on human hypothalamus-hypophysis-testis axis hormones. Journal of Hygiene Research 39(1):53-55. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

He H, et al. 1989. Effects of fluorine on the human fetus. Chinese Journal of Control of Endemic Diseases 4:136-138. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Hong F, et al. 2001. Research on the effects of fluoride on child intellectual development under different environmental conditions. Chinese Primary Health Care 15: 56-57. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Hu YS, et al. 1989. Investigation of students’ intelligence quotient aged 6-14 years old in the endemic fluorosis area. Collection of papers and abstracts of 4th China Fluoride Research Association. Quiyang, China, 6:73. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Huang C. 2013. X-ray changes in the forearm and crus of residents of areas in Jilin Province with varying drinking water fluoride concentrations. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 32(2):218-12. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Huang C. 2009. Diagnosis of endemic skeletal fluorois: clinical examination vs. X-rays. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 28(2):194-196. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Ji F, et al. 2004.  Study on the cardiovascular system damage in skeletal fluorosis patients. Chinese Journal of Control of Endemic Diseases 19(6):321-26. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Kuzina IR. 1977. On the association of fluorosis with degenerative-dystrophic lesions of the skeleton in workers engaged in electrolytic departments of aluminum plants. Gigiena Truda i Professional’nye Zabolevaniia (5):9-13. [Russian text | FAN Translation]

Li F, et al. 2009.  The impact of endemic fluorosis caused by the burning of coal on the development of intelligence in children. Journal of Environmental Health 26(4):838-40. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Li J, et al. 2004. Effects of high fluoride level on neonatal neurobehavioral development. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 23:464-465. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Li Y, et al. 2003. Effects of endemic fluoride poisoning on the intellectual development of children in Baotou. Chinese Journal of Public Health Management 19(4):337-338. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Li Y, et al. 1994. Effects of high fluoride intake on child mental work capacity: Preliminary investigation into the mechanisms involved. Journal of West China University of Medical Sciences 25(2):188-91. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Li Y, et al. 1992. Analysis of x-ray of heart areas of 30 patients with endemic fluorosis. Endemic Diseases Bulletin 7:42. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Li X, et al. 2010.  Investigation and analysis of children’s IQ and dental fluorosis in high fluoride area. Chinese Journal of Pest Control 26(3):230-31. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Liao W, et al. 2013. Observations on electrocardiograms in a population living in a region with coal-burning-borne endemic fluorosis after comprehensive controls. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 32(4):424-26. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Liu H, et al. 1988. Analysis of the effect of fluoride on male infertility in regions with reported high level of fluoride (endemic fluorosis). Journal of the Medical Institute of Suzhou 8(4):297-99. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Liu J, et al. 2004. The imaging value of bone turnover of skeletal fluorosis. Foreign Medical Sciences (Section of Medgeography) 25(2):95-98. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Liu J, et al. 2003. Clinical and imaging study of fluoride-poisoning arthropathy. Foreign Medical Sciences (Section of Medgeography) 25(2):95-98. [Chinese text | FAN Translation of Abstract]

Liu L, et al. 1995. Brain mapping of mentally retarded children in high-fluoride regions.  Journal of Applied Clinical Pediatrics 10(6):333-35. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Liu X, et al. 1999. Measurement of the content of T3, T4, and TSH in children in endemic fluorosis areas. Endemic Diseases Bulletin 14(1):16-17. [Chinese text | FAN Translation of Abstract]

Medvedeva VN. 1992. Diagnosis and treatment of deforming osteoarthrosis in subjects in contact with fluoride compounds. Likars’ka sprava (8):76-78. [Russian text | FAN Translation]

Medvedeva VN. 1990. Early diagnosis and classification of professional fluorosis. Vrachebnoe Delo (3):108-110. [Russian text | FAN Translation]

Mikhailets ND, et al. 1996. Functional state of thyroid under extended exposure to fluorides Probl Endokrinol (Mosk) 42:6-9. [FAN Translation]

Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China. 2008. Diagnostic Criteria for Endemic Fluorosis. WS 192-2008.  [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Ornitsan EY, et al. 2004. Specific features of occupational fluorosis. Meditsina Truda i Promyshlennaia Ekologiia (12):27-29. [Russian text | FAN Translation]

Pang H, et al. 2018. Relation between intelligence and COMT gene polymorphism in children aged 8-12 in the endemic fluorosis area and non-endemic fluorosis area. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Popov LI, et al. 1974. Characterization of nervous system intoxication in occupational fluorosis. Gigiena Truda i Professional’nye Zabolevaniia (5):25-27. [Russian text | FAN Translation]

Qin LS, Cui SY. 1990. Using the raven’s standard progressive matrices to determine the effects of the elevel of fluoride in drinking water on the intellectual ability of school-aged children. Chinese Journal of Control of Endemic Diseases 5:203-204. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Ren Da-Li, et al. 1989. A study of the intellectual ability of 8-14 year-old children in high fluoride, low iodine areas. Chinese Journal of Control of Endemic Diseases 4:251. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Roslaya NA, et al. 2012. Clinical and pathogenetic features of chronic occupational intoxication with fluorine compounds in modern conditions. Meditsina Truda i Promyshlennaia Ekologiia (11):17-22. [Russian text | FAN Translation]

Semennikova TK, et al.  1992. Clinical features of early stages of occupational fluorosis under the combined and joint effect of production factors. Gigiena Truda i Professional’nye Zabolevaniia (5):9-13. [Russian text | FAN Translation]

Shao B. 1985. Alert on long-term lumbago and skelalgia not responsive to anti-rheumatic pharmacotherapy. Chinese Journal of Medicine (6):59. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Shao Q, et al. 2003. Study of cognitive function impairment caused by chronic fluorosis.  Chinese Journal of Endemiology 22(4):336-38. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Shirokov VA, et al. 2012. Prevalence and estimation of the occupational risk of the musculoskeletal disorders in workers of aluminum potrooms. Meditsina Truda i Promyshlennaia Ekologiia (11):22-25. [Russian text | FAN Translation]

Song A, et al. 1990. Observations of two-dimensional (2D) echocardiograms in patients with fluorine-associated aortic sclerosis. Endemic Diseases Bulletin 5(1):91-93. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Sun M, et al. 1991. Measurement of intelligence by drawing test among the children in the endemic area of Al-F combined toxicosis. Journal of Guiyang Medical College 16(3):204-06. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Sun ZR, et al. 2000. Effects of high fluoride drinking water on the cerebral function of mice. Chinese Journal of Epidemiology 19: 262-263. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Tokar VI, et al. 1992. Chronic fluoride’s impact on pancreatic islet cells in workers. Gigiena i Sanitariia Nov.-Dec.:42.44. [Russian text | FAN Translation]

Wan G, et al. 2001. Measurement and analysis of several examination indices of endemic fluorosis sufferers. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 20(2):137-39. [Chinese text | FAN Translation of Abstract]

Wang G, et al. 2006. Effect of different doses of chronic exposure of fluoride on rat learning and memory behavior. Studies of Trace Elements and Health 23(2):1-2. [Chinese text | FAN Translation of Abstract]

Wang G, et al. 1996. A study of the IQ levels of four-to-seven-year-old children in high fluoride areas. Endemic Diseases Bulletin 11:60-62. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Wang S, et al. 2005. Effects of coal burning related endemic fluorosis on body development and intelligence levels of children. Journal of Applied Clinical Pediatrics 20(9): 897-898. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Wang T, et al. 1991. Analysis on serum lipids in patients with fluorine-associated aortic sclerosis. Endemic Diseases Bulletin 6(4):51-52. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Wang X, et al. 2001. Effects of high iodine and high fluorine on children’s intelligence and thyroid function. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 20(4):288-90. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Wang Y, et al. 1988. A comparative study on systolic time interval of populations in mild and severe endemic fluorosis regions. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 7(1):4-6. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Wei N, et al. 2014. The effects of comprehensive control measures on intelligence of school-age children in coal-burning-borne endemic fluorosis areas. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 33(3) :320-322. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Wu N, et al. 1995. Behavioral teratology in rats exposed to fluoride. Chinese Journal of Control of Endemic Diseases 14(5):271. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Xie Y, et al. 2000. Clinical study of effect of high fluoride on the function of the pancreatic islet’s B cells. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 19(2):84-86. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Xu X, et al. 2001. Effect of fluorosis on mice learning and memory behaviors and brain SOD activity and MDA content. China Public Health 17(1):8-10. [Chinese text | FAN Translation of Abstract]

Xu Y, et al. 1994. The effect of fluorine on the level of intelligence in children. Endemic Diseases Bulletin 9(2):83-84. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Yang Y, et al. 1994. The effects of high levels of fluoride and iodine on child intellectual ability and the metabolism of iodine and fluorine. Chinese Journal of Pathology 15(5):296-8. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Yao Y, et al. 1997.  Comparable analysis on the physical and mental development of children in endemic fluorosis area with water improvement and without water improvement. Literature and Information on Preventive Medicine 3(1):42-43. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Yao Y, et al. 1996. Analysis on TSH and intelligence level of children with dental Fluorosis in a high fluoride area. Literature and Information on Preventive Medicine 2(1):26-27. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Yu Y. 2000. Effects of fluoride on the ultrastructure of glandular epithelial cells of human fetuses. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 19(2):81-83. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Yu Y, et al. 1996. Neurotransmitter and receptor changes in the brains of fetuses from areas of endemic fluorosis. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 15:257-259. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Zeng GL. 1984. X-ray diagnosis of fluorine-associated arthropathy. Journal of Enshi Medical Institute (1):5-8. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Zhang J, et al. 2009. The effect of fluorine exposure of pregnant rats on the learning and memory capabilities of baby rats. Chinese Journal of Public Health 25(11):1347-48. [Chinese text | FAN Translation of Abstract]

Zhang J, et al. 1998. The effect of high levels of arsenic and fluoride on the development of  children’s intelligence. Chinese Journal of Public Health 17(2):119. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Zhang P, Cheng L. 2015. Effect of coal-burning endemic fluorosis on children’s physical development and intellectual level. Chinese Journal of Control of Endemic Diseases 30(6):458-60. [FAN Translation]

Zhang X. 2012. Studies of relationships between the polymorphism of COMT gene and plasma proteomic profiling and children’s intelligence in high fluoride areas. Master’s Dissertation, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, May 2012. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Zhang Z, et al. 1999. Effect of fluoride exposure on synaptic structure of brain areas related to learning-memory in mice. Journal of Hygiene Research 28(4):210-2. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]

Zhou Q. 1988. Analyses of ECGs in 271 cases with dental fluorosis. Chinese Journal of Endemiology 5(4):296-297. [Chinese text | FAN Translation]