Fluoride Action Network

Genetic Susceptibility to Fluoride

March 31st, 2012

“The results suggest that genetic factors may contribute to the variation in bone response to fluoride exposure…. The genetic influence on the efficacy and adverse effects has been demonstrated for some medications but has never been demonstrated for bone response to fluoride. The demonstration of such genetic influence on bone response to fluoride has important clinical significance. It stresses the importance to taking into account the genetic background of each individual.”
SOURCE: Mousny M, et al. (2006). The genetic influence on bone susceptibility to fluoride. Bone Aug 18; [Epub ahead of print]

“Previous studies in mice and humans, as well as epidemiological studies, have demonstrated that severity of dental fluorosis cannot be explained simply by the amount of fluoride in the tooth structure, indicating that genetics (susceptiblity to fluoride) plays an important role in dental fluorosis severity. Based on that, one can infer that in individuals ingesting the same amount of fluoride, the DF severity will be related to and/or based on individual susceptibility to fluoride (genetics).”
SOURCE: Vieira AP, et al. (2004). Tooth quality in dental fluorosis – genetic and environmental factors. Calcified Tissue International Oct 14 [Epub ahead of print].

“The phenotype frequency distributions of several classical blood genetic markers and dermatoglyphic characters were analyzed in workers of Siberian aluminum plants who had occupational fluorosis. Comparison with healthy workers revealed significant differences in frequencies of several (genetic) markers… As we have previously shown, risk of occuapational fluorosis in Siberian workers employed in aluminum industry is associated wtih several erthrocytic isoantigens and a set of particular qualitative dermatoglyphic characters.”
SOURCE: Lavryashina MB, et al. (2003). A study of the genetic basis of susceptibility to occupational fluorosis in aluminum industry workers of Siberia. Russian Journal of Genetics 39: 823-827.

“This study helped 1) to establish the existence of genetic predisposition to fluorosis and develop criteria for estimating it, and 2) to prove that predisposition to fluorosis was associated wtih the same dermatoglyphic features in the workers of both industrial groups.”
SOURCE: Polzik EV, et al. (1994). A method for estimating individual predisposition to occupational fluorosis. Fluoride 27: 194-200.

“We suggest that predisposition to fluorosis (chronic toxicity) is biochemically mediated and genetically determined. This would explain the marked variation in fluorosis prevalence in areas with comparable levels of fluoride intake and the selectivity of the disease within the same area. Further studies are necessary to elucidate the complex interaction between calcium, iodine, sex hormones, vitamins and fluoride ions.”
SOURCE: Anand JK, Roberts JT. (1990). Chronic fluorine poisoning in man: a review of literature in English (1946-1989) and indications for research. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 44: 417-420.