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NaF mimicked the activation by thyrotropin of iodide binding to proteins and of glucose C-r oxidation but not the accumulation of intracellular colloid droplets or the stimulation of secretion in dog thyroid slices in vitro. On the contrary, NaF inhibited the two latter thyrotropin effects. The inhibitory action of F- was partially relieved by the addition of glucose to the medium; it was mimicked by sodium oxamate. These data suggest that NaF depresses the endocytosis of colloid and thyroid secretion by inhibiting aerobic glycolysis in the follicular cell. NaF inhibited the activation of colloid droplet accumulation and secretion by N6,O2-dibutyryladenosine 3′,5′-monophosphate (dibutyryl cyclic AMP) and the accumulation of cyclic AMP in thyrotropin-stimulated slices. This suggests an inhibition at the level of both cyclic AMP accumulation and cyclic AMP action. The inhibition by NaF and sodium oxamate of colloid droplet formation and thyroid secretion but not of glucose C-r oxidation in stimulated slices further confirms our conclusion that the latter effect is not merely a consequence of the activation by thyrotropin of colloid endocytosis.