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Sodium fluoride (CAS 7681-49-4) 5-20 micromol/L in the extracellular space inhibited insulin secretion by isolated Langerhans islets stimulated with glucose. Insulin secretion followed a negative exponential function. This phenomenon is rapidly reversible. Perfusion of pancreatic tissue (rat) in vivo with stimulatory levels of glucose revealed that 20 micromol/L fluoride in the perfusion fluid inhibited the initial and sustained phases of insulin secretion to 15% of that of controls. The stimulatory effects of the ionophore A23187, phorbol-ester and forskolin on the secretion of insulin of isolated rat Langerhans islets in vitro were inhibited by 20 micromol/L fluoride. The results suggested that fluoride affects some stage of insulin secretion situated below the cascade of events that include the participation of calmodulin, protein-kinase C and cyclic AMP.