Fluoride Action Network


The cytogenetic effects of sodium fluoride (NaF) were measured in mice following administration in the drinking water for 6 weeks. Bone fluoride levels were determined and showed a dose-related incorporation of fluoride. Micronuclei were measured in peripheral blood erythrocytes following 1 and 6 weeks of NaF administration. Bone marrow cell preparations were examined for the presence of chromosome aberrations following 6 weeks of treatment; metaphase and anaphase cells were examined. Anaphase cells were scored in three independent laboratories, two of which also scored metaphase cells from the same slides. No increases in micronuclei were seen in peripheral erythrocytes at either time point, and no increases in chromosome aberrations were seen in bone marrow cells when metaphase or anaphase cells were examined. A concurrent positive control, cyclophosphamide, produced significant increases in peripheral blood cell micronuclei and in chromosome aberrations in bone marrow cells in metaphase. No increases in aberrations were seen in the same cyclophosphamide-treated mice when anaphase cells were examined.