Fluoride Action Network


In an effort to examine the effect of exposure to sodium fluoride on the incidence of bone tumors induced by ionizing radiation, the femoral-tibial joint of the left hind limb of 100 male F344 rats was irradiated with 3000 R from a 137Cs source and the animals divided into two groups of 50. One group was then administered drinking water containing 250 ppm sodium fluoride for two years while the other group received plain deionized water. Two additional groups of 50 male F344 rats (not exposed to radiation) received drinking water containing 250 ppm sodium fluoride (113 ppm fluoride ion), or plain deionized water for two years. Survival, mean body weights, food and water consumption of all groups was comparable throughout the two year study duration. Bone fluoride analysis conducted at the end of the study revealed significant accumulation of fluoride in the bones of groups of rats exposed to sodium fluoride. Exposure to irradiation, sodium fluoride, or both irradiation and sodium fluoride was not associated with an increase in bone tumors or other neoplastic lesions. Non-neoplastic lesions of incisor teeth including ameloblast and odontoblast degeneration and malformation of enamel and dentine, were increased in groups exposed to sodium fluoride.