Fluoride Action Network


The present study was designed to examine an ability of inorganic fluoride (F) to induce oxidative stress and energy depletion in the rat erythrocytes in vitro. Accumulation of ROS and alterations in glutathione (GSH) and ATP contents were estimated in the cells incubated with 0.1-10mM NaF for 1, 5 and 24h. Exposure of the rat erythrocytes to NaF was accompanied by progressive accumulation of peroxides, while superoxide (O(2)(-)) production was insignificant. Intracellular GSH content was reduced following 5-h incubation, but considerably elevated after 24h, although GSH/GSSG ratio decreased in both cases. ATP concentration in the NaF-treated cell exhibited a dose- and time-dependent decline, diminishing to extremely low levels within 24h. Thus, exposure of the rat erythrocytes to NaF leads to impairment of the cellular antioxidant system and severe energy depletion, the latter probably being the primary toxic effect.