Fluoride Action Network


The aim of this study was to evaluate serum lipoprotein and tissue antioxidant levels of sheep with and without fluorosis living in a volcanic area of Turkey. Fifteen Akkaraman sheep with fluorosis in the A?ri region north of Lake Van and 10 Akkaraman sheep without fluorosis in the Van region just south of Lake Van in the eastern part of Turkey were investigated. In the kidney tissues, the MDA levels and SOD activities in the fluorosed sheep showed nonsignificant increases, but the GSH level and GPx activities significantly decreased. In the liver tissues of the fluorosed sheep, a significant increase in the MDA level and GPx activity was observed, but the GSH level showed no change, and the SOD activity exhibited a small decrease. By contrast, in the muscle tissues, the MDA level decreased and the SOD activity increased significantly, whereas the GPx activity increased but not significantly, and the GSH levels decreased. Finally, the serum lipoprotein levels of the fluorosed and nonfluorosed sheep were not significantly different. In conclusion, different degrees in the pro-oxidant/antioxidant status of soft tissues such as kidney, liver, and muscle were affected by F intoxication, but no differences were found in the serum lipoprotein levels.