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The aim of the study has been to determine the influence upon the kidney, liver, and the blood prooxidative system, exercised by administration of methionine (Met), under conditions of oxidative stress induced by sodium fluoride (NaF).The experiment was carried out on Wistar FL rats (adult females) that, for 35 days, were administered distilled water, NaF or NaF with methionine (doses: 10 mg NaF/kg bw/day, 10 mg Met/kg bw/day). The influence of administered NaF and Met was examined by analyzing the concentration of malondialdehyde (MDA) in kidney, liver, erythrocytes, and blood plasma.The study confirmed the disadvantageous effect of NaF upon the antioxidative system in rats (an increase in the concentration of MDA).The administration of methionine reduced the process of lipid peroxidation (a decreased in the concentration of MDA). The best antioxidative properties have been demonstrated by methionine in rat liver.