Fluoride Action Network


As fluoride inhibits Glycolysis we conducted a preliminary study to analyse the effect of fluoride on blood glucose in the individuals of endemic fluorosis area .

The study was conducted to correlate the serum fluoride with blood glucose levels in a population living in endemic fluorosis area

The present study included serum samples of 104 male and female of various age groups 20 – 70 yrs. The patients had attended OPD of Kamineni Institute of medical sciences hospital and advised for RBS. Blood glucose was estimated by hexokinase method using Dade Behring Dimension AR. Serum fluoride was estimated using ion selective electrode ECOSAN statistical analysis was done by using SPSS software.

Based on our findings, we made 3 different groups .Group-I comprised of both having increased RBS and fluoride levels(Males 4%, Females 5%) Group II comprised of patients having increased serum fluoride levels with normo glycemia (Males 44% Females 44%) and Group III consisted of patients having hyper glycemia and normal fluoride ( Males 8% Females 1%).Results obtained were compared between groups I,II,III.

There was no significant correlation between serum fluoride and hyper glycemia in endemic fluorosis area. This could be due to less sample number. None the less we are still continuing with the study.