Fluoride Action Network


A study was made of the effects on ovary and uterus of adminis-tering sodium fluoride (10 mg/kg body weight) or aluminium chloride (200 mg/kg body weight) alone and in combination to female albino mice (Mus musculus) for 30 days. The reversibility of the induced effects by withdrawal of NaF + AlCl3 treatment and by administering ascorbic acid (AA), calcium (Ca), or vitamin E alone and in combination were also investigated. All treatments (NaF, AlCl3 , and NaF + AlCl3) resulted in a significant decline of ovarian protein and 3B-and 17B-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activities which could be related to increased cholesterol levels in the ovary suggesting altered steroidogenesis. The treatment also caused a hypercholesterolemic effect in serum. Accumulation of glycogen in uterus could be related to inhibition of phosphorylase activity affecting carbohydrate metabolism. The withdrawal of combined treatment for 30 days brought about an incomplete recovery. How-ever, AA, Ca, or vitamin E supplementation alone and in combination produced an additive effect for recovery of most of the parameters almost to con-trol levels. Hence the effects of NaF and/or AlCl3 are transient and reversible.