Fluoride Action Network


The study was designed in order to assess the relationship between infertility and histological structure of testes following administration of varying doses of sodium fluoride. One hundred adult male albino mice were fed 10 ppm (Group A), 500 ppm (Group B) and 1000 ppm (Group C) of sodium fluoride in drinking water. The Group A animals were sacrificed at the end of one month, Group B after two and Group C after three months. The testes were removed and, after being processed in the usual manner, they were stained with hematoxylin and eosin. In Groups B and C, the higher dosage groups, there was a lack of maturation and differentiation of spermatocytes. In animals sacrificed at the end of three months, spermatogenesis had stopped and the seminiferous tubules had become necrotic. A definite relationship between fluorosis and damage to the testes has, therefore, been established by this study.