Fluoride Action Network


Normal female rats of Wistar strain (Rattus norvegicus) weighing between 150–200 g were treated with fluoride (Fl) contaminated drinking water (FW, 5.8 ppm), vitamin C (6 mg) and vitamin C (6 mg) + D (6 mg once a week) + calcium (6 mg) for 30 days. Fl water treatment to rats produced reduction in weights of ovaries, uterus, vagina, kidneys, and adrenal glands, circulating levels of estrogen, number of litters, fertility rate, and altered tissue and serum biochemistry compared to control rats. However, cholesterol concentrations of ovaries and adrenals increased significantly. The above altered parameters were restored partially/completely after exogenous feeding with vitamin C and vitamins (C + D) and calcium. The data suggest that Fl-induced adverse effects on reproductive and other organs in female rats, whereas vitamin C, vitamin D and calcium treatment ameliorated Fl toxicity. Therefore, vitamins (C and D) and calcium play an important role in prophylactic treatment of fluorosis.