Fluoride Action Network


The effects of prolonged enflurane and halothane administration on urine-concentrating ability were determined in volunteers by examining their responses to vasopressin before anesthesia and on days 1 and 5 after anesthesia. A significant decrease in maximum urinary osmolality of 264 +/- 34 mOsm/kg (26 per cent of the preanesthetic value) was present on day 1 after enflurane anesthesia, whereas subjects anesthetized with halothane had a significant increase in maximum urinary osmolality of 120 +/- 44 mOsm/kg. Serum inorganic fluoride level peaked at 33.6 muM and remained above 20 muM for approximately 18 hours. Thus, the threshold level for inorganic fluoride nephrotoxicity is lower than previously suspected.