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Objective To probe into X-ray, CT and MRI manifestations of bone turnover in skeletal fluorosis and diagnostic values of different examination technologies. Methods Comparisons and analyses were made on the imaging manifestations of bone turnover in 28 reported cases with skeletal fluorosis. Results All 28 cases had dental fluorosis of different degrees. The chief symptoms included arthralgia and aching muscle pains in four limbs; 13 cases had joint motion limitation and dysfunction, 28 cases had spinal pain and 26 cases (92.85%) had pain in the lumbar region and legs. As to the imaging manifestations, 17 cases mainly had hyperostosis and 11 cases mainly had osteopenia; 5 had fuzzy bone trabecula, 9 loosening of cortical bone and 19 sclerosis of cancellous bone; 7 cases were complicated by biconcave deformity of vertebral body and 6 cases by pelvic deformity; 4 cases manifested the formation of false fracture line, and 7 cases manifested disorder of bone growth and development. Conclusions: MRI may distinctly display early changes of bone turnover in patients with skeletal fluorosis with high diagnostic sensitivity.