Fluoride Action Network


Summary and Conclusions

1. Results of surveys made in Oklahoma Panhandle on Chronic Fluorine Intoxication was stated, the endemic areas located, the mottled enamel index derived, the fluorine content of the water supply of the different areas given along with the depth of the wells, along with the findings on physical examinations of those afflicted with this condition.

2. That there is evidence which indicates that there is a definite relation between chronic fluorine poisoning as detected by mottling of the enamel and child development, particularly as to predisposition to developing underweight, poor posture, rickets and orthopedic conditions.

3. Possible methods of controlling and preventing this condition were suggested.

4. Dental caries, gingivitis, malocclusion, beginning phorrhea and poor oral hygiene incidence in mottled enamel is high.