Fluoride Action Network


Quarter Horses drinking water artificially fluoridated at 0.9 to 1.1 ppm over long periods of time developed dental fluorosis. Even when the horses had not been exposed to artificially fluoridated water (AFW) during formation of enamel, brown discoloration occurred and progressed. Pronounced loss of tooth-supporting alveolar bone with recession of bone and gingiva was also present as more severe signs of chronic fluorosis than enamel changes alone. The scene of these events was
a lowland part of Texas just above sea level. AFW at these low concentrations can obviously induce chronic fluorosis in its own right without the support of high altitude.

With a change to low fluoride (0.1 ppm) well water, a remarkable improvement was observed in the general health of the horses in a very short time. Most notably, bothersome episodes of colic promptly ceased.