Fluoride Action Network


1. Ten cases of chronic fluorine intoxication have been investigated, clinically, radiologically, and, as regards blood and urine, biochemically.

2. The clinical picture is described and relates chiefly to disabilities caused by calcification of ligaments, tendons and fasciae, the formation of osteophytic outgrowths of bone and the nervous effects of mechanical pressure by encroachment of bone on the spinal canal.

3. The radiological findings show excessive calcification of tendons, ligaments and fasciae, the production of osteophytic formations from various bones, and the almost complete synostosis of various joints, especially those of the vertebral column. These give the clue to the clinical findings.

4. The biochemical estimation of serum calcium, inorganic phosphate, and serum phosphatase indicates a favourable condition for abnormal depostion of bone.

5. Kidney function in the majority of cases is impaired.

6. The urine contains amounts of fluorine much above the normal limit.