Fluoride Action Network


In the search for a simple method of assessing the therapeutic efficacy of sodium fluoride, a prospective study of vertebral radiography during such treatment was carried out. Treatment of osteoporosis with sodium fluoride, calcium and vitamin D was found to enhance the vertical markings of the vertebral trabecular pattern in 69% of patients. This response was graded 1 (failure), 2 (good) and 3 (excellent); Grade 2 or 3 was attained after a mean treatment period of 31.7 months. Subsequent analysis of the vertebral fracture rate revealed that new vertebral fractures had occurred only in patients with Grade 1 and not in those with Grade 2 or 3. We recommend that treatment should aim at increasing the vertebral trabecular pattern to Grade 2 or 3 and that the duration of therapy should be approximately 30 months.